1977 - Present, Traci Churchill Designs, Graphic Communications • Offering superlative graphic communications for 40 years with a mission to deliver high quality with economy • Clients and employers have included publishing, museums, business, nonprofit • Offering superlative customer service with hands-on attention to detail • Specializing in publication design, print, branding, and websites • Designs for over 20 publications for over 15 leading publishers • Designs over 400 jobs for over 50 clients including publishing, cultural and educational institutions, businesses • Twice taught at University level (Montclair State University, Montclair, NJ, and Baruch College, New York, NY) • Expertise include websites, publications, brochures, annual reports, branding, new identity, logos, business cards, direct marketing, promotion, advertising, membership drives, signs, banners, media kits, postcards, flyers, letterhead, posters, installations, storefronts, color specs, paper specification, print specification, brokering and supervising printing and manufacturing • Staff jobs include Fortune Small Business magazine, Money magazine, Personal Computing magazine, Channels magazine, RR Bowker, Fairchild Publications • Freelance jobs include Time magazine, New York Times Magazine, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal-Weekend, The Montclair Art Museum, New Jersey Monthly magazine, Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms, The Historical Society of Bloomfield, Autism Research Institute, The Hermitage Historic National Landmark, Middlesex County Cultural & Heritage Commission, William Patterson College Alumni magazine, Union County Voice, New Eyes for the Needy, The Living Pulpit magazine, NYU Business magazine 
October 2008 - Present, Apple Inc. Apple Specialist, Apple Soho NY, Apple Willowbrook NJ, Apple Lenox Square GA • Offering premium customer service advising about Macs, iPhone, iPads, iPods, Apple Watch, iWork • Keeping current with technology within a remarkable, stimulating, and diversified environment • Participated in several exciting product launches • Mac user for over 30 years; passionate about Apple brand; opportunity to enrich personal and professional lives every day. At Apple we pride ourselves on finding the best solutions for customers 
Fall 2001, Montclair State University, Upper Montclair, NJ. Adjunct Teacher • Create syllabus and teach Introduction to Graphic Design to undergraduate students • Course description: “This class will teach the fundamentals of design necessary for students to pursue a career in any area of graphic design. The purpose is to provide the student with the basic underlying skills needed in order to free them to think creatively. The class will constantly stress that no matter how accomplished the designer is technically, a brilliant career in design will not result without great ideas combined with mastery of technical skills. The fundamentals are typography, color, layout, image, scale, medium” • Performance Objectives for my students: “The emphasis of this class will be on individual performance (output in the form of class workshops and class assignments), on the constant search for good ideas (how to find them, how to access them when you need them), and on finding the artist within" 
April 1996 - December 1999, Time Warner, New York, NY. Art Director, Fortune Small Business (FSB) magazine (formerly Your Company magazine) • Lead the design and art direction through two transitions from our in-house publication called Your Company magazine to the highly visible national publication, Fortune Small Business (FSB), including a successful newsstand launch • Oversaw a redesign of Your Company magazine that premiered December, 1997 • Created a comprehensive redesign and re-branding to the title Fortune Small Business (FSB) launched July/August, 1999 • My Fortune Small Business redesign showcased the Miller typeface family (created by legendary type designer, Matthew Carter), combined with Adrian Frutiger’s re-issue of his brilliant Univers family. The result was a fresh, sparkling, dignified look, providing an exciting experience for our readers • Handled day-to-day responsibilities including budget, hiring and supervising the design staff, partnering with the photo editor on photo selection, overseeing pre-production • Commissioned editorial cartoons from the legendary cartoonists Jules Feiffer (recipient of 1986 Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning), Tom Toles (recipient of 1990 Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning), Jim Morin (recipient of 1996 Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning), and Walt Handlesman (recipient of 1997 Pulitzer Prize for Editorial Cartooning) • Commissioned artwork from award-winning illustrators and information graphics artists including Maira Kalman, Philip Burke, Drew Friedman, Anita Kunz, Ross McDonald, Robert Goldstrom, Ruth Marten, Scott Menchin, William Duke • Fortune Small Business (FSB) was the recipient of 5 industry awards for my illustration commissions 
1999, Time Warner, New York, NY. Creative Consultant, Mutual Funds magazine • Consulted on overall design for several issues of this Florida-based publication • Participated in Focus Group studies and met with Staff and Design Department • Strengthened newsstand presence by creating new format for cover and logo • Created new format for the contents and departments pages • Introduced new department layouts • Elevated the organization, appeal, and newsstand presence of the publication 
1999, Time Warner, New York, NY. Design Consultant, eCompany Now magazine • Created prototype logo, covers and contents pages that were used for advertising and marketing purposes for this successful magazine launch (which later became Business 2.0) 
Spring 1998, Baruch College, New York, NY. Adjunct Teacher • Created the syllabus and taught Introduction to Typography to business students • My course was targeted to young entrepreneurs who find themselves in the position of designing their business and marketing materials, especially early in their careers • Course topics covered included letterforms, font families, picas and points, paragraphs, text, leading, specifying type, serif and sans serif fonts 
1995, Time Warner, New York, NY. Founding Art Director, Retire With Money newsletter •  Award-winning newsletter ahead of the time • Created the format, designed, art directed • One of the first-ever publications created entirely with digital illustration 
July-August 1994, Time Warner, New York, NY. Art Director, Sports Illustrated Presents • Designed a special issue on the Chicago Bulls celebrating their unprecedented “three-peat” victory • Created under extremely tight deadline constraints (within two weeks) • Utilized the outstanding resources of Time Inc. and Sports Illustrated magazine 
December 1990 - May 1991, Time Warner, New York, NY. Founding Art Director, American Album magazine • Created the format for this Time Inc. digest • Used the Bembo and Gill font families • Worked under the direction of the Money magazine advertising director, Michael Pepe, in partnership with the legendary Time editor, Jesse Birnbaum • Designed and Art Directed the first two issues, then assisted in placing a full-time Art Director • This was before digital design. Layouts were created by the cut-and-paste method, then produced using in-house type departments. Color separations were outsourced to the printer 
March 1988 to July 1996, Time Warner, New York, NY. Deputy Art Director, Money magazine (promoted September 1, 1994 from Associate Art Director) • Premier personal finance magazine of the time • Interfaced with superb editorial leadership • Responsibilities included chief designer, staffing, scheduling assignments, supervision of seven-person art department • Art Directed the beautiful special issue, 1990, In Search of the American Dream • Assigned illustration to leading illustrators in the industry • Worked with in-house information graphic artists, photo, and production teams • Acting Art Director on numerous occasions 
August 1986 - March 1988, Act III Communications, New York, NY. Art Director, Channels magazine • Lead the design of this superb broadcasting trade publication to a new level of excellence • Impressive resources provided by owner and television legend, Norman Lear • Raised the visibility of Channels in the broadcasting and publishing communities by commissioning artwork and photography from premier photographers, illustrators and information graphics artists • Responsible for concept, assignment, and supervision of cover shoots of industry legends, including  Warren Buffet, Ted Turner, Dick Clark, Larry Tisch, Howard Stringer • Hired and supervised Assistant Art Director and freelance photo editors • Supervised pre-production and budget • Channels was a finalist in the 1986 National Magazine Awards (ASME) in General Excellence category • Created format for sister publication, TV Facts Figures and Film 
March 1984 - August 1986, Hayden Publishing, Hasbrouck Heights, NJ. Art Director, Personal Computing magazine • Created a comprehensive redesign using the Futura and Times Roman type families • Worked with a remarkable editorial staff • Created a special issue, Computing In America, which included commissions from preeminent photographers and illustrators including Carl Fischer and Gregory Heisler • Lead the design, photography, illustration, and information graphics • Hired and supervised the staff, budgets, and pre-production • Supervised the creation of Personal Software magazine • Personal Computing was nominated for General Excellence by The American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME) • Recipient of design and illustration awards • Personal Computing was designed using conventional cut and paste method by an in-house pre-production department. Typesetting and production was outsourced to our printer 
July 1983 - April 1986, R.R. Bowker, New York, NY. Art Director, Small Press magazine • Created an elegant and cost-effective format that was inspired by books, using the Garamond font family for this charming black+white, bimonthly, trade publication • Commissioned and licensed  rights to illustrations for ongoing departments • Commissioned original cover art for each issue from superlative fine artists including Leonard Baskin, Barry Moser, Fritz Eichenberg, John Alcorn, Lance Hidy, Michael McCurdy, and James Grashow • Created this remarkable publication under extremely tight budget constraints • Small Press was designed using then-conventional cut and paste method, and was produced by R.R. Bowker’s in-house type department • On-staff Art Director through March, 1984 • Retained as Creative Consultant through April, 1986 
November 1984 - April 1986, R.R. Bowker, New York, NY. Design Consultant, Publishers Weekly magazine • Designed and supervised a comprehensive redesign of this preeminent trade publication that premiered in the January 10, 1986 issue • My redesign was inspired by Walter Bernard’s superb redesign of Time in which he introduced a fresh approach to page grid and typography for newsweeklies • I created the PW formats using the Cochin and Metro font families • My layouts were hand crafted using the then-traditional “cut and paste” method. These were then created into master templates by R.R. Bowker’s superb in-house type department 
1984 - 1986, Darryl’s Fashions, New York, NY. Creative Consultant • Designed storefront, interior layout, retail ads, logo, business cards, letterhead, postcards, shopping bags, and collateral materials for this hip fashion store on the Upper West Side of Manhattan 
August 1983 - December 1984, NYU Graduate School of Business, New York, NY. Founding Art Director, NYU Business Magazine • Created format and Art Directed four issues of this semi-annual publication • Assisted the editor in conceptualizing special sections • Responsible for concept, design, and commissioning of photography, illustration, information graphics • Supervised production 
May - August 1983, Time Inc., New York, NY. Art Director, Money Guide to Personal Computing • Working under the direction of the highly esteemed Money managing editor Marshall Loeb • Created the format for this special issue using Futura and Times Roman type families • Created layouts and supervised production including conceptualizing and commissioning illustration for the cover and working with the featured artist, John Alfred Dorn, III, to create thematic imagery 
January - May 1983, The New York Times Company, New York, NY. Designer, New York Times Magazine • Created designs for features and departments including commissioning illustrations • Reported to the great Art Director, Roger Black 
October - December 1982, Hearst Publishing, New York, NY. Art Director, Redbook’s Young Mother • Created the designs for this digest-sized publications including commissioned illustrations • Reported to the legendary Editor, Anne Mollegen Smith 
May 1982 - September 1982, Time Inc., New York, NY. Designer, Time magazine • Assisted the Art Director, Rudy Hoglund, in Designing Covers • Maintained high design and publishing standards under intense weekly deadlines • Assisted in design and creation of cover layouts • Hand-set cover type on a Typositor machine • Worked with the finest design, illustration, photography, information graphics, and editorial talent in the world, with the spirit of Time Inc. Founder, Henry Luce, still very much alive • Working at Time Inc. “set the bar” for me going forward in my career in publication design 
1982, U.S. Steakhouse, New York, NY. Art Director • Designed photography installation for the legendary Sports Illustrated photographer Neil Leifer (1982) 
July - October 1982, Rodale Press, New York, NY. Designer, Spring magazine • Created designs for features, reporting to Art Director Steve Hoffman 
March - August 1981, Times-Mirror, Los Angeles, CA. Designer, Los Angeles Times • Created designs for the Leisure Section, reporting to Art Director Terry Redknapp 
1981, Henri Bendel, New York, NY. Design Assistant • Work on Marketing and Promotion materials 
1981, Bullocks, Los Angeles, CA. Design Assistant • Work on Marketing and Promotion materials 
1981, Petersen Publishing, Los Angeles, CA. Designer, Teen magazine • Created designs for features and departments 
March 1980 - December 1980, Ritter-Geller Publications, Los Angeles, CA. Art Director, Slimmer magazine • Elevated the visual sophistication of this consumer fitness publication • Created a comprehensive and successful redesign using Caslon font • Hired premier Los Angeles photographers including Matthew Rolston, Raul Vega, and Steven Freeman (Jane Fonda’s favorite photographer at the time) • Supervised styling and photography of cover shoots including Heather Locklear and Linda Carter • Lead the design, art direction, photography and illustration commissions • Supervised the assistant art director, the budget, the pre-production and printing • Created an elegant new format and designed a sister publication, Romantic Holidays magazine, using the Garamond type family 
1977 - 1980, Charivari, New York, NY. Creative Consultant • Designed fashion ads for New York magazine • Created logo for trend setting new fashion store, Charivari Workshop • Charivari was one of the leading fashion retailers of the time in New York City 
September 1978 - February 1981, Fairchild Publications, New York, NY. Art Director, Footwear News (FN) • FN is the publication of record for senior footwear and fashion executives, providing an insider’s perspective on the top news, trends, and strategies they need to run their business (quoted from current owner, Conde Nast, website) • Promoted, January, 1979, from part-time Staff Artist to be full-time Art Director of this weekly tabloid newspaper • Created Footwear News Magazine, a full-color monthly tabloid insert, in the Summer of 1979 • Successfully launched Footwear News Magazine in January 1980  • Lead the overall design and art direction of both Footwear News and Footwear News Magazine • Hired and supervised staff, models, photographers and illustrators • Responsible for creating and managing the budget • Lead this fast-paced, black+white, weekly tabloid newspaper in the exciting and ever-stimulating atmosphere of Fairchild Publications where sister publications, Womens Wear Daily and Daily News Record were also created. At Fairchild there was a remarkable and talented group of fashion illustrators on staff who created illustrations on a tight turnaround • Working at Fairchild Publications was the greatest of publication design training grounds in that the management fostered a highly creative and open atmosphere and encouraged and nourished professional and creative growth 
1978, Ambiance Magazine, New York, NY. Design, Production, and Art Assistance • Assist in designing layouts 
1976 - 1977, Tantara, New York, NY, Office Manager • Supervised day-to-day staff and operation of this Danskin mail order firm which was owned by one of the founders of Danskin, Inc.
1969 - 1970, Hot Lead, Woodbridge, CT, Art Editor • My first foray into graphic design, where I discovered my passion for lettering, art, design, and publications • Provided the Creative Direction • Oversaw the design, illustration, and advertising of this spirited and independent political periodical that covered the “hot bed” political issues of the time in and around New Haven • Hot Lead was created by a team of Amity High School students 
New York University, New York, NY, Master of Arts, January, 2012. Major: Graphic Communications Management & Technology • School of Visual Arts, New York, NY, Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honors by Unanimous Vote, May, 1976. Major: Fine and Studio Arts • New York University, New York, NY, September 1970 - May 1971. Liberal Arts Study • Amity High School, Woodbridge, CT, Graduated May, 1970
Noble Desktop, New York, NY, 2007, 2008, courses in Web Design, HTML, E-Mail Marketing, and Adobe InDesign CS3 • Type Directors Club, New York, NY, 2004, Adobe InDesign CS2 Workshop • Axial Computing, Morristown, NJ, 2001, Certified in HTML and Adobe Illustrator • ATypI Typography Conference, San Francisco, CA, 1994 • Art Directors’ Invitational Desktop Design ConferenceStanford University, Stanford, CA, 1988, 1991, and 1993 • Electronic Directions, New York, NY, 1987, 1990, Macintosh Design Classes • School of Visual Arts, New York, NY, Summer 1986, Milton Glaser Design & Personality Workshop—this week-long seminar was a life-changing and trans formative experience • Arts Student League, New York, NY, 1978 - 1979, Calligraphy and Life Drawing
League of Historical Societies of New Jersey, Publication Awards Competition, 2011, Third Prize, Gustav Stickley’s Craftsman Farms: A Pictorial History, for overall quality of the publication and design as well as new scholarship, described as a “fine publication that benefits the entire history community” • School of Visual Arts Online Portfolios, August 31 and September 2, 2011, Featured Artist • Society of Publication Designers, 2000, Merit Winner, 35th Annual Competition, for Maira Kalman illustration “Teaching An Old Product New Tricks”, concept by Hank Gilman and Traci Churchill, pages 44-45 of the April 1999 issue FSB Fortune Small Business • Communication Arts Illustration Annual, Award of Excellence 2000, John Kachik illustration, Fortune Small Business • Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles, 39th Annual Exhibition, Illustration West 39, Certificate of Merit, John Kachik illustration, Fortune Small Business, page 87, April 2000 issue • Society of Illustrators Museum of American Illustration, 1999, 42nd Annual Exhibition, Illustrators 42, Tom Curry illustration of Paul Orfalea founder of Kinkos, Fortune Small Business • Society of Publication Designers, 1999, 13th Annual SPOTS Competition, Anita Kunz illustration, Fortune Small Business • Graphis, 1998, quoted in an article on the legendary type designer, Matthew Carter, who was my type consultant at Your Company magazine and Fortune Small Business magazine • Society of Illustrators, 1998, 41st Annual Exhibition, Phillip Burke illustration of a GenX’er for the Young and Restless feature story, page 37 of Your Company magazine (February 1998 issue) • American Illustration 14, Certificate of Participation, for David Plunkert illustration commissioned for Money magazine • Society of Publication Designers, 1994, hosted the tour of Money magazine, Time Inc. for visiting Art Directors from the Grafix Exhibition • Art Direction Magazine, 1986, Creativity 86, Certificate of Distinction, Editorial Design: “Automate Your System With Batch Files”, Personal Computing magazine • Art Directors Club of New Jersey, 1986, 22nd Annual Awards Show, Certificate of Excellence, Cover Design “Home Office Cover”, Personal Computing magazine, 1986 • Working Woman Magazine, 1986, interviewed and quoted in article “Squeezing Blood From a Turnip: How to Manage With Limited Resources” • Society of Publication Designers, 1981, Publication Design 16, Certificate of Merit, Tobi Seftel photography, Footwear News Magazine • Society of Publication Designers, 1981, Publication Design 16, Certificate of Merit, Andrea Pfister cover design, Footwear News Magazine • Art Direction Magazine, 1980, News section, Featured layout “The Driving Prix”, Footwear News Magazine, November, 1980 • Scholastic Magazines, 1970, Scholastic Art Awards, The National High School Art Exhibition, Certificate of Merit, State of Connecticut Regional Exhibition • Certificate for Academic Excellence, 1969, Amity Regional High School   
Georgia Public Broadcasting, 2017, On-Air Fundraising • AIGA Atlanta, Membership Committee, 2015. Recruit and retain membership • Roswell Presbyterian Church, Roswell, GA, 2014 - 2015 and 2016 - Present. Member of the Communications Ministry. Provide feedback and oversight to all marketing, promotion, communications • Montclair Shared Housing Association, Montclair, NJ. Marketing & Promotion Advisor. Volunteered my design expertise, attended board meetings, and assisted with annual fund raiser, 2008 • Union Congregational Church, Upper Montclair, NJ, 2007 - 2008. Member, Leadership Council • Magazine Publishers Association, American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME), New York, NY, 2006. Design the Brochure and Collateral for the Annual Awards Gala • Principal for a Day Magazine (PFAD), 1999. A joint venture between Time Warner and the nonprofit group PENCIL, New York, NY. Co-manager and Creative Director. Designed the format using the Silica font family—a beautiful slab serif font designed by Sumner Stone. Created the templates using Quark Express. Produced a comprehensive style manual. Assembled a super-star design team from across Time Warner publications to contribute layout creations on an extremely tight time line. Assembled the technology for the editorial and production offices. The project supervisor was Dan Okrent • Time/Life, New York, NY, 1994. Designed brochure for In Praise of Famous Women photo exhibit installed on the executive floor of Time Inc. • Society of Publication Designers (SPD), New York, NY, 1994 - 1997. Member, Board of Directors • Responsibilities included, 1994, partner with Life magazine Art Director, Tom Bentkowski, in supervision and creation of the GRIDS quarterly newsletter (concept, size, shape, and securing a printer) • Co-found the first-ever Online Design Competition, 1996 • Co-chair, Society of Publication Designers Annual Publication Design Competition, 1996 • Co-chair and Host of the Awards Gala at the New York Public Library Great Hall, May 1996, including hiring the band, creating the dining room presentation and program, and designing the brochure, invitation, and wine label • American Society of Magazine Editors (ASME), New York, NY. Twice invited to be a judge of the ASME Awards in the Publication Design Category • NYU Student Film, New York, NY, 1972. Hand lettered the film titles 
Memberships have included • AIGA American Institute of Graphic Arts • AIGA Atlanta •  ASME American Society of Magazine Editors • AmeriCares, ATyPI • Bloomfield Chamber of Commerce • Cooper Hewitt Museum of Design • Georgia Public Broadcasting • Graphic Artists Guild • High Museum • Historical Society of Bloomfield • LeTip of West Essex • McMullen Museum • Montclair Chamber of Commerce • MODA • MoMA • Newark Museum of Art • New Jersey Chamber of Commerce • North Essex Chamber of Commerce • Roswell Historical Society • The Society of Illustrators • The Metropolitan Museum of Art • The Montclair Museum of Art • The Society of Publication Designers • PBS Thirteen • Type Directors Club • WNYC
Creative Direction • Leadership • Project Management • Teamwork • Art Direction • Design • Production • Staffing • Budgeting • Licensing • Formatting • Websites • New Identity • Branding • Publications • Magazines • Books • Marketing • Promotion • Typography • Color • Illustration and Photography Commissions • Photo Editing • Print Brokering • Adobe Creative Suite • Adobe InDesign • Adobe Illustrator • Adobe Photoshop • Powerpoint • Word • Excel • Pages • Keynote • Numbers • Paper Specification • Purchasing • Macintosh Technology • iOS Mobile Devices 

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